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ROLE of Security Officers:

While functions of private security officers are quite similar of police officer and basic skills are much the same for all those who enforce the law but the public & police don’t patrol private properties in order to perform essentially the same task as police officer. Many minors offences are handled by security officers working with private companies and competent security officers may conduct preliminary investigations and make determinations on whether a case refers to the police.

Services We Provided

1. Armed and Unarmed Security

Armed and Unarmed security officers at your location not only watch for and deter crimes but also take appropriate action to effectively neutralized threats. American intelligence security services is providing highly trained security officers and wide array of industries. Our officers frequently works in Hospitals, Schools,Warehouse,Contructions and so on.our security officers are reliable to contracted keep crowds safe and under control at concerts,sporting events,Schools libraries, university events and activist demonstrations.

2. Background Check

Psychological screening during through interview with security director random drug testing to eliminate drug users through an extensive screening are also conducted. Officers are selected who demonstrate intelligence, interest and motivation. We look for individuals who can operate under stressful situation and communities well.

3. Executive Protection

Clients face threats everywhere,while on traveling, at special events and home too. American intelligence security services can help clients assess,perdict,avoid and mitigate threats, protect clients during their day to day lives anywhere in the world.The word protection is based on holistic approach designed to anticipate, identify and reduce threats using strategic planning and field proven tactics to proactively protection from threats all over the world.


American intelligence security services not only provides around the clock security services in business, individuals, corporate but also providing in Schools, CAMPUS, MOSQUES AND CHURCHES too. We provide experienced officers to act as the fir line of defense against criminal activity and theft.Our security officers are licensed holder from state and trained to liaise with law enforcement when needed and possess the tact and professionalism to interact daily with students and the general public who come for visits and religious things. We are committed to maintain a strong presence and give fully peace of mind they deserve ,keep fully safe and secure environment.


AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SERVICES offers a comprehensive range of construction security services that will protect you,your employees and your assests.Our experienced team will provide a unique,tailored solution for each client that combines highly trained security officers with advanced technologies and proven standard operating procedures. Our most experienced having military, law enforcement, highly qualified armed and Unarmed officers are capable of carrying out a variety of protective measures on site,including manning the reception, gate house,answering calls,managing logs and visitors books and monitoring store areas.Construction sites record the highest number of work place accidents among all industries. We believe that our security officers are First Aid (CPR) certified and able to handle any emergency requirements on site whenever necessary and call 911 they are working as follows,
1, On construction site security officers will sign in and report directly to the site management team.
2, Any special requirements are discussed like that ” the holding of keys OR any out of hours access by numbers of staff and deliveries must be communicated.
3, Regular site patrols are conducted at specified intervals.
4, The officer will patrol of the whole site where accessible,checking windows,doors,Gates and internal external boundaries.
5, Construction plant machinery is checked and recorded.
6, Any Damaged insecure window or doors are logged and reported.
7, All vehicles on site at the start of the shift will be logged and any movement during the shift will also be reported on.
8, Site keys, All fences, Gates keys are inspected and all doors ,gate keys are handed over to the site management team.


AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SERVICES brings imaginative, well designed,RESIDENTIAL driven programs to our client’s properties whether it is a single family homes in gated community,a high rise luxury condominium that we understands the inherent vulnerabilities and the solution to meet the security objectives in demanding RESIDENTIAL market.


AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SERVICES provides manned, mobile ,gate house security services for warehouse ,factories and wide range of industrial properties. Our on site security officers are able to deliver a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors by managing the gate house and reception to control access and egress to the facility. American intelligence security services always strives to provide highly effective visual deterrent as well as trained and experienced security officers who are able to act quickly and appropriately to control the solution for protect visitors,clients life and damage property at first priority as providing a safe and secure environment for you,your warehouse,staff and customers are our main objective.


AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SERVICES offering wide range services of retail security to our customers. The number of businesses are increasing each day in USA Florida due to great business opportunities. Everyone is loving to open shopping malls shops, Malls,retails stores and shops to earn handsome amount of money.Stealing is a common and sensitive issue in the US florida and thieves are attacking on the retail stores to fulfill their money needs and retail stores owners are bearing LOSS their things as well as their money it’s happening all lack of security. Our security officers are fully uniformed enabling them to standout amongst the crowd as a figure of authority. They are fully skilled in all type of radio interlinked system,Security tagging devices and undercover surveillance. Our LOSS prevention officers have following skills,
1, Detaining shoplifters is a crucial duty of LOSS prevention officers they are walking a store in plainclothes, making observations from hidden surveillance cameras.
2, Our loss prevention officers might often be summoned to act as court witness.
3, Our officers will complete a necessary paperwork regarging as incident and work with police and legal representatives in providing evidence needed to prosecute shoplifters per store or company police.
4, Once they have observed theft from security camera or in person, a LOSS PREVENTION officer will stop to question a suspect.
5, Our loss prevention officers are detailed oriented team players with strong leadership and decision making skills,
: working surveillance cameras control,
: using observation skills to watchdogs
: Monitoring alarm system
: Managing safety and loss prevention control meetings
: Recognising unsafe working environment
: Understanding safety process and procedures
: provide strong customer service
: Ability to respond well in emergency situations
: Train otherwise employees methods


SECURITY patrols are other great way to deter criminals from crimes. American intelligence security services also provide highly trained members of staff that know how to deal correctly with any potential situations that arise. Whether you require round the clock security patrols,Even just patrols on ad_hoc basis,we are there to help you….


The corporate office in an area in which the security officer is responsible not only to secure the premises but to represent the face of your business. American intelligence security services offers most reliable, professional and service orientated security officers to deals with your security requirements who are the most suitable for the role.Our security officers possess the following skills,
: Excellent fluent bilingual written and spoken English
: Capable of answering phone calls,re_redirecting call’s
: Experienced in conducting patrols in a professional manners
: Customer service and safety as their key morals
: possess a responsible and mature nature
: Qualified in operating computer system
: Monitoring of CCTV
: Access or key control
: Overnight patrols
: Car park surveillance


AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE SECURITY SERVICES believes that a welcoming and friendly reception service leaves a good impression on visitors and makes them feel comfortable to return. Our security officers are compiled of highly dedicated and committed individuals who believe in providing exceptional customer care.The primary role for concierge security officers how to secure premises and personnel by patrolling property, inspection buildings,equipment and access points permitting entry to authorised persons only,
: Logging details of guests and visitors to the site and maintain full and accurate written logs,
: organise storage,redelivery of incoming parcels,post distribution incoming mails,maintain no smoking strict polices
: Contribute as team member to ensure a positive customer experience for all visitors
: inputting and accessing data from PC based databases
: Locking and unlocking the premises at specified timessentials
: Remaining a visual deterrent to anti_social behaviour
: Effectively monitored CCTV for the protection of employees, visitors


Our uniform armed and Unarmed security officers have vast experience of events .Every event is different with its own set of challenges but we still provide the same outstanding services and security to all of our customers. All of our officers are fully licensed, having special experience, trained and professional in customer service. Health and safety,crowed control,conflict management and advanced first Aid ,CPR making them a valuable asset at any Event and always there to give protection of life and secure health to all visitors and guests,

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